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The Watcher Chronicles

Highlander The Raven

Originally on: Syndicated (60 min.)
Status: Ended Premiered: September 26, 1998 Last Aired: May 7, 1999

In this spin-off of the popular syndicated series HIGHLANDER, 1200-year-old immortal thief Amanda becomes involved with Nick Wolfe, a detective who resigns from the force after his partner is murdered by crooked cops, and his superiors try to cover up the incident. Working as a freelance security expert, a private investigator and occasionally even a bodyguard, Nick teams up with Amanda to thwart a number of dastardly doings, most of them involving other Immortals.


1. Reborn

First aired: 9/26/1998

Writer: Karen Harris
Director: Ian Toynton
Guest star: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus) , Torri Higginson (Claudia Hoffman), Julian Richings (Basil Morgan), James Purcell (Stanley Ferris), Robert McClure (David Hoffman), Hayley Lochner (Annie Hoffman)

2. Full Disclosure

First aired: 10/3/1998
The murder of a Navajo code-talker throws Nick and Amanda together again. Nick is determined to learn Amanda's secret.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Peter Ellis
Guest star: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus) , Carlo Rota (Mario Cardoza), James Kidnie (Johnny's Grandfather), Ryan Black (Johnny), Jack Burning (Walter), Neil Girvan (Hitman), Roger Misquadis (Young Walter)

3. Bloodlines

First aired: 10/10/1998
Nick is working with Burt Meyers on security, guarding the head of a telecommunications empire. When the body disappears, Nick suspects Immortal involvement. Amanda is question, she knows the Immortal involved: Morgan Kenworth, an old friend whose adopted son was killed by a man named Grady back in the 1890s.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers) , Cedric Smith (Morgan Kenworth), Carolyn Dunn (Denise Grady), Desmond Ellis (Jack Marsh), Patrick Patterson (Police Chief William Grady), Alan Van Sprang (William Kenworth), Catherine Black (Ronette), Jean Daigle (Reporter), Patricia Gage (Lucy)

4. Immunity

First aired: 10/17/1998
Nick is working for Bert trailing a suspect in an industrial theft case. He witnesses the man being killed by a woman, Marta, who claims diplomatic immunity. While Bert holds the woman in custody through his connections, he needs Nick to recover the plans at the woman's embassy. Nick needs a partner, an experienced thief. Amanda is on the run from an obsessed Immortal, Stefan Collier, and accepts the job as a diversion.

Writer: Karen Harris
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers) , Tara Rosling (Marta Antonescu), James Kee (Stefan Collier), Sten Eirik (Divaj), Mark Melymick (Gordon Norris), Conrad Bergschneider (Jail Guard), Deborah Lobban (Matron)

5. So Shall Ye Reap

First aired: 10/24/1998
A scientist is killed while working on some kind of agricultural project. It turns out he is the son of Charlie, an old man and a mortal who knew Amanda a while back.. Charlie was a spy back then. He believes his son was murdered, so Amanda ropes Nick in to investigate.

Writer: Michael O'Mahoney, Sacha Reins
Director: René Bonnière
Guest star: Lawrence Dane (Charlie Johnson), Chuck Shamata (Martin Foster), Carl Marotte (Young Charles), Catherine Bruhier (Chase MacAffee), Frank Pellegrino (Hewlitt), Paulino Nunes (Officer Dutton)

6. Birthright

First aired: 10/31/1998
Amanda is breaking into an exhibit of artifacts when she is interrupted by two others who set off the alarm. Nick suspects Amanda's involvement, and the police suspect both of them are involved. But Amanda has her reason for stealing.

Writer: Frank Encarnacao
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus) , Philip Akin (Simon Clark), Stephen Bogaert (Ship's Officer), Karen Glave (Louise), Kevin Rushton (Jake), John Ralston (Riley Del Deegen), Desmond Campbell (Marcel), John Bourgeois (Harmon Frost), Julian Richings (Basil Morgan)

7. Crime and Punishment

First aired: 11/7/1998
A DA is murdered by a vengeful ex-ball player who was put away for manslaughter. Nick was the man who put him away, and now the ballplayer, Ray is after Nick. Amanda gets involved, trying to warn Bonita away but does she get that done.

Writer: Tibby Rothman
Director: René Bonnière
Guest star: Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker) , Andrew Jackson (Darryl Keenan), Mark Humphrey (Ray Bonita), Shary-Lee Guthrie (Angie), Nigel Hamer (Gatson), Steven Allerick (Tony), Michael Daingerfield Hall (Parkinson)

8. The Unknown Soldier

First aired: 11/14/1998 An Immortal stalks and kills Donald Magnus, the brother of Nick's former captain Carl Magnus. The Immortal is a soldier, John Ray Fieldin. Now Fielding is out to kill Amanda. Unable to live with the guilt of what she has done previously. Amanda offers herself up to Fielding.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker) , Michael Rhoades (John Ray Fielding), Robert Bockstael (Donald Magnus), Walker Boone (Detective Chapman), Melanie Nicholls-King (Officer Robbins), Andrew Strachan (Private Anderson), Reg Dreger (Colonel Benson)

9. Cloak and Dagger

First aired: 11/21/1998
After a dream by Bert Myers to his career as a spy. Bert and his girlfriend Catherine are having problems. Bert needs Amanda to break into the house of Ludwig. He doesn't tell her he needs some files that Ludwig has on him from the past that he can blackmail Bert with. Amanda steals a painting and later sells it to Basil.

Writer: Frank Encarnacao
Director: Rene Manzor
Guest star: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker), Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers) , Marc Strange (Ludwig Weiss), Anne Marie Loder (Catherine), Michael Johnson (Dieter Keller), Madhuri Bhatia (Chandra), Noam Jenkins (Joey Poletti)

10. Passion Play

First aired: 11/28/1998
Lucy kills an actor with a gun, then tries to take his head. Wilson Geary, Lucy's husband Marco was an Immortal, and Wilson supposedly used her to set up a trap for Marco and take his head. Now Lucy wants revenge but will ultimately need Amanda's help

Writer: Morrie Ruvinsky
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker) , Gordon Currie (Wilson Geary), Polly Shannon (Young Lucy Becker), Kirby Morrow (Marco), Lisa Messinger (Gwen), Melanie Nicholls-King (Officer Robbins)

11. The Devil You Know

First aired: 1/30/1999
The head of security at a bank is first drugged, framed, then killed. By an Immortal, Victor Hanson, who plans to steal the Valentino Diamond and needed the security plans. Victor is also making a play for Amanda, hoping to get her to help him steal the diamond before he kills her. Only to Involve Nick.

Writer: Durnford King
Director: Donald Paonessa
Guest star: Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus), Patricia Gage (Lucy Becker) , Geordie Johnson (Victor Hanson), Richard Fitzpatrick (Bob Marshall), Peter Wylde (Old Man), Jack Newman (Bank Manager), Bella (Bella)

12. A Matter of Time

First aired: 2/6/1999
A hundred years ago, Amanda was coerced into training with Andre Korda. The Watchers are on his trail, particularly Joe Dawson. Nick runs into them. Korda robs and escapes. Realizing that Nick won't let it go. Amanda goes to fight Korda's assistant Krista and takes her head. She then disappears and Joe tells Nick. Wanting revenge, Nick travels to Paris, Amanda decides to go off to Paris after Nick.

Writer: Karen Harris
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson), Valentine Pelka (Andre Korda), Peter Mensah (Raphael), Ellen Dubin (Krista), Helen Wu (Female Martial Artist)

13. The French Connection

First aired: 2/13/1999
Burt gets the wounded Nick to a Chinese doctor, while Amanda tries to find a gunshot doctor through her connection, the Immortal Father Liam. They both end up together, after the doctor briefly tells Amanda that Nick died. Each is grateful to find out the other is still alive. They then go after Korda, who is stealing various components and kidnapping an expert forger to set up a counterfeiting operation. Nick and Amanda track him into the tunnels beneath Paris, but Korda manages to escape. Using World War II Resistance maps that Father Liam has left over, they track Korda to his main lair. While he's not there, they disrupt his operation. In return, Korda tortures the doctor for Nick's location, and takes Burt hostage. Nick goes to rescue Burt while Amanda faces her teacher Korda in a final battle. She wins. Burt and Amanda buy up Korda's Paris bar while Nick decides to stay in Paris to run Burt's European organization.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley) , Valentine Pelka (Andre Korda), Daphne Cheung (Dr. Mika), Charley Fouquet (Aurore), Tomer Sisley (Felix), Carlos Lopez (Silaiman), Nicholas Pavienty (Gerard), Sylvain Clement (Clement)

14. The Rogue

First aired: 2/20/1999
Bert Myers bodyguards are protecting a flighty actress when one is shot and killed. Nick is called in, only to realize the assassin is a man, Frank Brennan, that he killed four years ago. Amanda and Nick manage to thwart Brennan before he can kill Bert, while keeping the secret of Immortals away from Myers.

Writer: Frank Encarnacao
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers) , Michael Siberry (Frank Brennan), Lysette Anthony (Debra Dow), Glynis Barber (Rachel), Audrey Moore (Young Woman), Trevor Stephens (Nestor)

15. Inferno

First aired: 2/27/1999
An explosion at a chemical plant involves Immortal Talia, and Nick gets hired by Garrett, the owner of the factory. Garrett claims that a prototype plastics formula was stolen. Amanda investigates Talia, an old acquaintance. Amanda is told that Garrett is Talia's lover. He has a sample of her blood and plans to chemically duplicate immortality.

Writer: Elizabeth Baxter
Director: Dennis Berry
Guest star: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley) , Warren Zavatta (Sumner), Jolyon Baker (Michael Garrett), Eric Connor (Freddy), Michelle Gomez (Talia Bauer)

16. The Frame

First aired: 4/10/1999
Nick is hired to return a paintin and invites Amanda along. It turns out that another Immortal, Jade, patterns herself on Amanda and likes to one-up her. The two have been rivals for centuries.

Writer: Tibby Rothman
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley) , Philippe Caroit (Inspector Colbert), Derek Lea (Bob Hemmon), Ronan Vibert (Sir Trevor Benton), Charlotte Lewis (Jade)

17. Love and Death

First aired: 4/17/1999
Nick and Bert Myers break up a kidnapping. The leader, an Immortal named Markham, escapes. He leaves behind a photograph from the 1890's showing him and Amanda together. Markham is out for revenge, So Amanda confronts Markham

Writer: Jocelyne Barque Simmons
Director: Gerard Hameline
Guest star: Hannes Jaenicke (Bert Myers), Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley) , Stephen Billington (Derrick Markham), Vincent Pickering (Burke), Solveig Shimha (Shopgirl), Barnaby Apps (News Vendor), Marie Legault (Svetlana), Marc Pierret (Pascal)

18. Thick as Thieves
First aired: 4/24/1999
Nick and Amanda work to stop a casino theft, but fail. Amanda realizes the ringleader is Jeremy Dexter, a fellow Immortal and thief that she has teamed up with several times over the centuries. Nick is being accompanied by Interpol agent Nicolae Breslaw (from the Highlander episode The Valkyrie), who is out for revenge because his younger brother was gambling in a casino with his company's money when Dexter robbed the place, and killed himself afterward.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Jan Triska (Nicolae Breslaw), Stephen Moyer (Jeremy Dexter), Peggy Frankston (Queen Mary), Edwin Apps (Chancellor), Pierre Rousselle (Jurgen)

19. The Manipulator

First aired: 5/1/1999
A young journalist hires Nick and Amanda to protect him from assassins, sent by his father's killer, Vladimir Rankov. Rankov is the advisor to a Balkan Prime Minister who is trying to negotiate a peace treaty. They soon find out the journalist is a Watcher and knew about the connection between Amanda and Rankov.

Writer: Andre Jacquemetton
Director: Brian Grant
Guest star: Patricia Kessler (Duena), Daniel Briquet (The Duke of Bourgogne), Agathe de la Boulaye (Clarissa), Richard Durden (Anton Novak), Guy Lankester (Tim Helfet), Miles Richardson (Vladimir Rankov)

20. The Ex-Files

First aired: 5/8/1999
Nick's ex-wife Lauren watches her friend get gun down. She is also pursuing a case against a Dr. Julian Heller. Heller is an Immortal, who makes a huge profit on using his medical practices for corrupt purposes. He and Amanda had a run-in centuries ago. Wanting revenge, Nick ultimately goes after Heller.

Writer: Karen Harris
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Rochelle Redfield (Lauren Wolfe), Julian Wadham (Dr. Julian Heller), Patrick Albenque (Spencer), Elizabeth Kaza (Susanne), Michel Albertini (Sergeant), Dirk Bromley (Jerry), Arno Duthiel (Glenn), Franck Marion (Phillips), Didier Kersten (Soldier #1), Marc Rioufol (Man), Veronica Antico (Helena)

21. War and Peace

First aired: 5/15/1999
A reporter interviewing Father Liam spots Amanda being killed and returning. Amanda was fighting Sean, an Immortal who has sworn vengeance on Liam for killing his adopted mother during the Revolutionary War. This drove Liam to become a priest, which he promised to do if the mother pulled through.

Writer: Catherine Porciuncula
Director: Brian Grant
Guest star: Robert Cavanah (Father Liam Riley) , Benedick Bates (Sean), Josephine Butler (Lizzie Tynan), Janet Spencer-Turner (Emma), David Fleeshman (Harry), Dawn Steele (Brynne), Pete Thias (Dieter)

22. Dead on Arrival

First aired: 5/22/1999
A cyberhacker and his employer kill each other in a shootout...and the employer, an Immortal, walks away. The hacker's sister Janet is a friend of Amanda's and the duo get involved. Nick tracks a back-up CD to the Immortal, whom Amanda recognizes as Payton, an astrologer, poisoner, and stage magician who ran afoul of Amanda centuries earlier.

Writer: James Thorpe
Director: George Mendeluk
Guest star: Thomas Lockyer (Evan Payton), Natalie Roles (Janet Ross), Scott Maslen (Tom Ross), Fiona Curzon (Countess Van Der Meer), Vernon Dobtcheff (Count Van Der Meer), Thomas M. Pollard (Apartment Manager)